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Mike Cerre


Started my network news reporting career in the 70’s profiling people and their work for my Working Journal series on ABC-Good Morning America.

While an embedded reporter in Iraq and Afghanistan for ABC-Nightline, I thought it time to start exploring something a bit more sustainable for my next story.

So, I’ve gone full circle back on the road again and online searching for the most inspiring and revealing 50+ career transitions and resources I and other boomers can learn from.

Since it’s hard to find consistent reporting on this dynamic in any one place, I started my Nextracks reporting for sharing what I’m discovering. Some of the reports originally appeared on the PBS NewsHour , ABC7 San Francisco or other projects I’m involved with.

Some have been curated from new sources I’ve been learning about along the way to make the conversation more timely and informative for the community we’re building around it.

Since a reporter is only as good as their last story, I’m hoping these will help answer the universal question all of us 50+ are asking ourselves— What’s next and how do we get there?

Mike Cerre’s reporting & speaking engagements