Third Half Flight Plan

Who do you relate to most?

What are your real strengths?

Where do you want to go?

How to make a flight plan.

Campbell Gerrish-Third Half Advisors

Campbell Gerrish-Third Half Advisors

Campbell Gerrish and Caroline Brecker have created a Third Half Learning Community for post career professionals navigating their uncharted third half or the “game after the game”, as Campbell referenced from his rugby days. I attended one of their “flight schools” with a group in Greenwich,CT. Leadership coach Cindy Levine walked us through some of the transformational conditions we’re likely to pass through while gaining altitude in our new involvements. Vertigo possible, but only temporary.

Vision cards from  21/64

Vision cards from 21/64

Starting with a deck of graphic vision cards, career coach Frank Faeth challenged us to select five images that energized and spoke to us the most. A key exercise for sparking our imaginations, it was a way for instinctively identifying our interests and priorities. Nothing like showing your chosen cards with strangers of Himalayan landscapes and pirouetting pole vaulters to get the conversations going.

Polly Chandler-Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Polly Chandler-Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Equally revealing was Polly Chandler leading us through the Clifton Strengths Assessment. Developed by a WWII aviator turned behavioral psychologist, she’s a Gallup Certified Life Coach who helps her clients identify and leverage what they’re really good at, rather than waste time and energy on what they’re not.


Turning somewhat abstract notions into a practical action plan is where I’m most likely to crash and burn. Nothing like some whiteboard wizadry by management pros ,Cindy Levine and Caroline Brecker, for organizing the groups concerns and suggestions into a checklist we could all use.


Nancy Collamer, author of Second Act Careers, and I shared some of the real life transitions we’ve been chronicling in our “third half “ work to add some variety and human inspiration to the discussion. Our stories were almost as good as some of the participants’ from an insurance executive turned metal sculptor to a management consultant taking over a Maine bakery.

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