Is Gray the New Blonde?

“We’re the first generation going through this.
So we just have to figure this out ourselves as we go.”

Cindy Joseph- New York Fashion Model


The only thing that stopped one of the most inspiring Nextrackers I had the pleasure of meeting and working with was Cindy’s cancer last year at age 67. -Mike Cerre

New York Times -July 25,2018

Shortly after she stopped dyeing her long silver hair, a casting agent spotted Ms. Joseph on a New York City street and asked her to pose for a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.

“I certainly didn’t fit the status quo of the modeling world,” Ms. Joseph told Yahoo Beauty in an interview last year. “I was 59 years old — I was under 5-foot-8, my hair was gray. Hello! I had crow’s feet!”

Soon after that, Ms. Joseph signed a contract with the Ford modeling agency. In her 50s and 60s she modeled for companies like Olay, Elizabeth Arden, Anthropologie and Ann Taylor. In 2010 she founded Boom! by Cindy Joseph, an all-natural cosmetics company designed to complement, not disguise, a woman’s age.

New York Times 2010 article

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